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MediQapp Services

Why MediQapp?

MediQapp digitization implements the Green Hospital and Climate Change concept

From any healthcare professional a better professional

Hospital practitioners train their thinking for quality through E-learning. Everyone can even be self-taught, on their user account, by organizing themselves simplified by the automation in the system.

Concentration on solutions

Simplified tasks help doctors understand the requirements and the medical organization gains added value by eliminating unnecessary physical sessions. It integrates all operations, eliminating time wasted in the old system with xerox copies.

Digital Transformation Directive

It is vital for the sustainability of the healthcare system that hospitals now adopt long-term, strategic plans for digital transformation. Access to data facilitates interoperability between departments and de-bureaucratizes medical work alongside technical, administrative, and logistical work.

Scaling according to ISQua requirements

The IT system can be customized in any hospital in Romania but also any other hospital in the world, with priority to countries where ISQua accreditation standards are implemented.


The IT system can undo most paper evidence and prioritize the first step hospitals take toward the Green Hospital concept. It guarantees immediate accessibility to constantly updated data of any kind: medical, technical, administrative and logistical.

About clinical risks

General and clinical risk identification is simplified to the level of simple nominal activities. The internal management control system is developed and centralized remotely.

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What MediQapp helps doctors with?

The app provides a Reputation

If you have somehow experienced some hardships at the last accreditation, now is the time to be well prepared for a "respectable performance" at the time of the ANMCS assessment.

Unanimously agreed content!

Participation through simplified tasks becomes collaboration that brings you solutions that are unanimously accepted by the team, and efficient organization of the whole management system.

Clarity of activities

The app brings all your daily tasks together in one place, at any time of day, to help you always know what you need to do. You find them centrally on your account!

Time saved by the doctor for the medical act and patient safety for the benefit of both

Without working group meetings and tasks on their account, each user does what they do best and solves what they are personally asked to do on the issues in question.

Double productivity

The existence of the streamlined INTRANET in an integrated Accreditation Preparation system, by eliminating paper copies, saves money and effort sorting ANMCS assessment binders.

Remote efficiency

With minimal effort and no physical meetings, the productivity and efficiency of remote teams are ensured. You can find everyone's work from your account in dynamic and with immediate statistics. Reporting is automated!

No fines at controls!

Immediately finding the requirements of any control body in the virtual library developed in MediQapp facilitates the effort of the team on the subject and the final result will have no financial penalties!

The work of other colleagues for the common benefit!

ANMCS Accreditation Preparation and Commission/Committee meetings are minimized by specific automation. An action in one department also resolves requests in another.

You prove you're a better colleague!

You get the best performance on the ANMCS assessment with innovative technologies that guarantee your results without CaPeSaRo! You have your own clear and complete copy with all the evidence that achieves compliance with ANMCS Accreditation Standards

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Creating high-performance professional identities through E-Health with personalized connected E-Learning through MediQapp

Increasing the capacity of health management and human resources in health through distance learning, succeeding in the creation of high-performance professional identities to improve knowledge, skills, and competences related to activities in health services management, and in strengthening the professional capacity of human resources in health and Quality Management.

MediQapp Digitization Brings Professionals to Top Performance in Health Services Quality Management and Accreditation

A high standard of professionalism must be pursued at all times in hospitals, in order to provide the highest quality of care, but also in safety and security for patients and staff. All this obliges health professionals to adapt to new requirements, with care and competence towards patients, summarising with a high degree of professionalism the training in Health Services Quality Management and Accreditation in Romania.

Green Hospital in Quality Management where MediQapp makes a difference

Digitisation transforms the management and control process into an integrated process that can easily be adapted to the functional needs of quality management, which paper-based management systems cannot. The application succeeds in addressing the new layers of complexity and uncertainty in the quality management process faster than the user expects, which the traditional method assimilates slowly and in a relatively long time.

Digital quality management systems and eco-friendly design process control

A configured and implemented digital QMS is designed to meet the needs of risk assessment, compliance, process analysis, control, and documentation. Paper, while not permanently replaced, proves to be a solution that was not simply made to deal with the refresh scenarios of a growing and ever-changing quality management.

The digital quality management solution keeps all development documentation safe, and in a secure location, making version control a streamlined process at all times.

Actual contribution in updating and storing documentation

The MediQapp Cloud system succeeds through its complex structuring, to operationalize the performance of all users, based on leveraging best medical and support practices. Strengthening managerial and technical capacity at all levels of organizational management in healthcare facilities brings an innovative perspective to monitoring accreditation readiness and negates the risk of failure in the ANMCS assessment.

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MediQapp Services

Initial assessment of customization needs in the initialization process for the hospital

The initial assessment of customization needs for Quality Management in your hospital is an essential process to identify the defining milestones in customizing modules and improving your hospital's licensed MediQapp software product. 

Assistance in setting up a custom account for any hospital subscription license user

Initial support for the customized operation of the system per hospital is essential in generating a functional platform with correct departments and organizational structures in line with the reality on the ground.

Training the hospital team in the use of the application and the integrated document system already in place in the hospital

The hospital team is thoroughly trained in the use of the application and system simply called Quality Documents, which functions as a much more complex intranet than others to ensure efficient, guaranteed, and accurate management of records, forms procedures, and/or medical/healthcare protocols.

Access to the online platform for Quality Management and ANMCS Accreditation of hospitals

Access to the online platform for quality management and hospital accreditation facilitates the process of continuous improvement of existing integrated systems, with each user being able to find their account using any device that is connected to the internet.

Procedure by creating content for unanimously accepted hospital documentation

Content creation can be an effective way to convey the best corrections, considered relevant and useful to the best practices applicable to the hospital in question, and to attract the unanimous approval of the target "audience".

Internal or external training of the hospital team with the implementation planner within the application 

The hospital team must continually look for internal training by professional categories and processes, and the medical sectors are obliged to demonstrate external training forms carrying EMC points. MediQapp ensures an efficient, guaranteed, and accurate management of evidence of participation, from the scheduling to the final retention of evidence associated with the activity performed.

Development of medical organizational management kept online

Medical management services start with the decision-making organization of boards/committees that are imperative for a health facility and are then promoted through the online planner, the medical organization activity, which offers users unique opportunities for remote participation.

Task-based advice

Tasks are a modern way of departmental interconnection in solving any service task, the most valuable of which is the consultancy type offered by the expert who can help the health unit maximize its working potential by identifying in stages the ongoing needs in any area.

Assistance in developing risk management

Initial support for the development of the system of internal management control (SCIM) offers in its first phase a versatile solution for concentrating and improving documentation, and records with unique opportunities to clarify and simplify the SCIM per hospital.

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