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                 Simple. Efficient.                                                 Digitization brings the professionals to their best performance!

MediQapp is a software system developed by Calitakropolis

Calitakropolis is an innovative company that has created the first and only Healthcare Quality Management application for hospitals in România.

  • Quality management: MediQapp is a complete and comprehensive platform for managing quality processes in hospitals, including monitoring and improving performance indicators, maintaining patient satisfaction ratings, and analyzing data.
  • ISO accreditation and certification:   the application facilitates the hospital accreditation process and keeps all the necessary tools for ISO 9001 and, more recently, ISO 7101/2023 certifications/ recertifications
  • Internal and external E-learning: the whole team will have a clear and organized perspective on internal issues and external continuous professional development. 
  • Risk management: The medical team finds at hand all the clinical and general risks they may face in their daily work, but especially the approaches agreed by the bosses, in the most efficient and valuable solution, for the quality of the medical act and the safety of the hospital patients.
  • Document management: The virtual library of the software system can clarify to each user the needs of the collective for reference medical organizational management, with improvements aligned with international perspectives of excellence.
  • Dezvoltare permanentă și îmbunătățiri continue ale aplicației, cu noi module prietenoase și intuitive pentru toți utilizatorii noștri.
  • Friendly, intuitive, modern, pleasant, avant-garde graphic design.
  • Modeling capability in any country where accreditation is developed to international ISQua

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Subscription software services

Installation and configuration of the MediQapp application for hospitals in Romania.

By installing and custom configuring the MediQapp application, hospitals in Romania benefit from an efficient management of all the resources necessary to prepare for ANMCS accreditation and an excellent planning and quality management tool for the continuity of these processes in all health units on a monthly subscription basis.

Providing training and education for medical and hospital management staff.

By providing specialised training and education, hospital medical and management staff can develop the skills and knowledge needed to navigate quickly and easily through the facilities of the MediQapp software system.

Constantly updating the application and adding new functionality.

Constantly updating the application and adding new functionality ensures an improved and increasingly complex experience for the benefit of our clients.

The catalyst for effective decisions in hospitals.

Immediate results are obtained in resolving many medical/medical decisions in hospitals remotely and without unnecessary meetings, quickly materializing thanks to the immediate accessibility to data stored and updated in real-time.

Providing technical support and assistance for the use of the application.

Providing 24/7 technical support and assistance for the use of the application is essential to ensure a pleasant experience for all our users. The state-of-the-art technology implemented places us in a top international ranking.

Problem-solving assistance.

Problem-solving support can be an effective way to reduce stress and achieve the best performance for the hospital's entire medical team with a customized user module of the app.

Mediqapp is the Digitisation that brings the professional to his best performance!

MediQapp system unique in Romania

Subscriptions that can be customized for the MediQapp software system have three main features for structuring offers:

- Number of beds in 3 variants (1-100, 101-500, > 501 )

- Number of medical wards/departments (according to the organization chart in force)

- Number of users in 3 variants (1-100, 101-500, > 501)

We also consider the real possibilities of collaboration that we can build together!

For this we have developed on the section Collaborate with us which we invite you to browse on the website!

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