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About us and our product!

MediQapp is a special product, highly appreciated internationally and awarded in Romania as a Medical Innovation of Excellence for originality, complexity and conformity. 

MediQapp is a software system developed by the Romanian company CALITAKROPOLIS that continues the development of high-end software that offers viable solutions for quality management in the Healthcare sector.

With over 18 years of experience in the medical industry and IT, our team of specialists aims to bring efficiency, clarity, and quality to the Romanian healthcare system. We have solutions for:

  • Quality Management: MediQapp provides a comprehensive platform for managing quality processes in hospitals, including monitoring and improving performance indicators, storing patient satisfaction assessment analyses and data analysis.
  • ANMCS accreditation and ISO certification: The application facilitates the ANMCS hospital accreditation process for Romania and makes it easier to maintain ISO 9001:2015/ISO 7101:2023 certifications;
  • Development of the Management Internal Control System is mandatory for all public health units, in compliance with the Order of the General Secretariat of the Government No 600/2018;
  • Medical organizational management: MediQapp acts as a CRM for hospitals!

 MediQapp was founded in 2018 by a team of specialists in the fields of malpractice consulting, quality management, and software development, to provide an integrated solution for top management, hospital medical teams, and support services of medical units in Romania.

What you get extra Calitakropolis?

As a consequence of more than 18 years of experience in providing tailored solutions for added value, we started the digitization of quality management of public and private hospitals and clinics in Romania by providing hospitals with MediQapp - a software innovation of national and international interest.

Plus the value of the MediQapp solution is the modelling capability for any ISQua member country in MVP and Start-up business format.

The new MediQapp release is unrivaled and is the result of a team of top professionals in scientific research, medical malpractice consulting, and healthcare management, together with our IT developers.

The challenges proposed to hospitals by Calitakropolis

  • MediQapp digitization in your hospital!
  • GREEN HOSPITAL concept implemented before others in Romania!
  • E-learning and E-health support colleagues in making the right medical decisions for the safety of all hospital patients!


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